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I never chose a password when I joined Stonewall Democrats of Dallas, how is it that I have one now?

Our system asks a person to log in with a password to protect your privacy, and allows you to opt-in to update your personal data, including pronouns, and printing a membership badge with your renewal date. Every Stonewall member has a log in password, which you 

can edit, or reset if you can't remember your password.

Remember, you MUST log in to your Stonewall membership account in order to renew or change your membership 
and you must have a password in order to log in to your account. (See below) 

One exception is when you receive a renewal invoice via e-mail, you can renew directly from that invoice without having to log in. This makes renewal quick and easy. 

HELP, I don't remember what my password is!  How can I reset it?

Ok, well that was easy enough. Now that I have a password...
How do I renew my membership?

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