Our Volunteer Committees

The heart and soul of the Stonewall Democrats of Dallas are the people who volunteer to oversee and coordinate specific tasks and events for the organization. The President of Stonewall is given wide latitude to create or to dissolve committees on an as-needed basis, and also nominates a Chairperson for each Committee, which unless declined by the individual nominated, is ratified by the Board of Directors. The President is an automatic member of all Committees. 

Our basic Committee structure helps streamline and improve the overall efficiency of each individual task. There will be several committees, each with a Chairperson who will serve as the Spokesperson with a Report at our General Meetings for all of the activities listed under that Committee and who will give one " consolidated " report to the Membership. We have found over the last few years that this is a vast improvement rather than calling for 16 different and individual reports each month. In 2007, we began this streamlined report structure to be beneficial and moved our meetings along fairly rapidly. It's been successful and generally has resulted in keeping our meetings to about 1 hour in length. 

If you have an interest in serving on a specific Committee or area of activity, please contact the appropriate Director or Chairperson. Your participation is needed and appreciated by the entire membership. It's a great way to get more involved, make new friends, and learn more about Stonewall. Additionally, if you would like to take a leadership role in Stonewall at some point whether it's on a Committee or to be an Officer of Stonewall this is the place to get started. We are not a static organization, and we invite future leaders out there in the general membership to take an 'active' role in Stonewall!            

Our By-Laws were last revised in 2010 and since seven years has lapsed since the last revision to our By-Laws, 
It is time that we convene another By-Laws Review Committee sometime in 2017. 

Any recommendations for By-Laws changes will be made by the By-Laws Review Committee
to the full Board of Stonewall which will then decide whether or not to send out the recommended changes to the
General Membership for a vote. To send out the recommendations of the Committee to the General Membership requires
a 2/3rds vote of the Board of Directors. 

If sent out to the Membership by the Board all proposed changes to Stonewall's By-Laws MUST be approved by the General Membership of the organization. Ratification of By-Laws changes requires a 2/3rds vote of those present and in good standing at any General Meeting. At least 30 days advance notice will be given to the full Membership should a proposed change in
By-Laws be sent to the Membership for ratification or rejection so that members can review the proposed changes as well as to schedule to be present for the vote. 

Please contact President Todd Hill-Jones directly if you are interested in serving as a Committee Chair or contact 
a Committee Chair directly if you are interested in serving on any particular Committee. 
Remember, we are an all volunteer organization, and we need you ! 

Current Standing Committees

Political Affairs - Endorsement Committee - Josh Cogan, Chair

Voter Registration - Joey Casiano, Chair

Membership - Tenay Barker, Chair

Communication/Media - David Heflin, Chair

Audit - Vacant 

Current Ad hoc Committees

Legislative Affairs - Josh Cogan, Chair

Bylaws - Susie Hess, Chair

Fundraising - Vonda Bailey, Chair


2021 Ad hoc Committees (Recruitment underway)


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